Rehabilitation, Health and Scientific Communications


EA offers exceptional expertise in health, rehabilitation and scientific communications for both professional and lay audiences.  We provide skilled editorial assistance to rehabilitation/health facilities, hospitals, universities, government, corporations, professional associations, publishing houses, journals and individual healthcare practitioners, researchers and scientists.  Our capabilities also include translating complex medical information into reader-friendly language for lay audiences of varying literacy levels.


While EA offers capability in many subject areas, we have special expertise in rehabilitation, biotechnology, medicine, healthcare,  pharmacology, psychology, environmental issues, renewable energy and the life sciences.  Our services range from creation and management of effective communications programs to research, writing and editing of individual components: e.g., sophisticated research and clinical reports, newsletters, articles for peer-reviewed journals, books, news stories for newspapers and magazines, annual reports, patient education materials, media kits, public education campaigns and Congressional reports. 


Combining sound knowledge of their subject with outstanding writing and editing talent, our Associates represent an important resource for the rehabilitation, health and scientific communities.  Our editors, medical and science writers are among the finest in the nation; in addition to possessing a solid track record as first-class communication professionals, many have advanced degrees in the fields in which they write: e.g., rehabilitation, biotechnology, pharmacology, healthcare, medicine, nutrition, the sciences, psychology, gerontology, environmental issues and medical and science communications.  EA appreciates the importance of drawing on all relevant disciplines when necessary to produce a thorough presentation of a particular topic.