Public and Media Relations Consulting


EA designs and implements effective public relations campaigns specifically tailored to each client’s individual goals and requirements, utilizing our vast network of established media contacts to increase positive exposure.  We are constantly researching, developing and identifying new ideas and events that will offer unique opportunities to enhance the media’s interest in our clients.  Through carefully conceived public education campaigns, EA clarifies our clients’ message and encourages target audiences to act favorably.


Grounded in more than four decades of experience and success, EA offers clients sound guidance for maximizing the quality, appeal and effectiveness of their product or program.  We provide creative recommendations for garnering greater media visibility and other avenues for reaching and engaging our clients’ target audiences.  Armed with considerable knowledge and understanding, we are able to develop a strong yet imaginative strategic plan upon which to build a winning public relations program.


There is no substitute for expertise, experience, imagination and strong media contacts in forging effective approaches for public relations and public education campaigns--and EA puts its rich store of these assets to work on behalf of its clients.  Alertness and willingness to change direction when new opportunities unexpectedly arise--for example, re-vamping the focus of an association’s public relations media campaign to capitalize on a fast-breaking news development--are yet other benefits that EA brings to its clients’ public relations programs.